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What to wear with cheongsam dresses in winter

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What to wear cheongsam/201611/13245.html">with cheongsam dresses in winter

1. What to Wear with Cheongsam Dresses in Winter Author: The Elegant StoryA cheongsam is a one-piece Chinese dress that can flatter your body figure, most of them hit the knee oreven shorter, and more often, they are sleeveless. They are sexy, they are catchy, and they can be worealone in warm seasons, while some women might find it hard to choose a warm keeper to go with acheongsam dress, when in fact, cheongsam dresses are more versatile than you might think. In thisarticle, I’m going to cover types of women’s clothings to work with different kinds of cheongsams:A fur top to go with stand collar cheongsamThere is a variety of choices on fur tops, especially last fall/winter. Long fur mix with short fur, fur jointedwith tweeds, cotton, wool or leather, or as decor attached to the edge of collar or sleeves, and byadopting techniques like dyeing, embroidery, inlay, knitting, and jointing, fur are becoming hot andfashion. But you don’t want fur to take the lead off your cheongsam, so you can choose a high standcollar cheongsam or a cowl collar one with ankle length or knee length made with changeable silk,luminous polyester or with tweets.Tips: to avoid the fur stealing your cheongsam’s wind, try not to choose a giant fur coat, use colors ofsimilar tone, a match of contrast colors might be chic too. Accessories like cappas, hand bags or bootsmade of fur might be also a nice alternative.

2. Box jacket to go with long length cheongsamThree-dimension cutting has been a hot design feature since last winter. Besides featured colors for thisspring / summer, designers also blended three-dimension cutting into their new line. Use cuttings of wideupper with narrow lower portion, twisting, and lacing to show effective layering and composition. Justimagine the look of a brisk 3D cutting jacket going with a comparative conservative cheongsam.Tips: choose box jackets with puff sleeves or with cuttings of a cape, if your cheongsam is in deep color,match it with jackets of brighter colors like light yellow, turquoise, or bright red. Cheongsams with gracefulwatercolor painting or flower-fish painting would be a nice decor pattern.Long length coat to go with mid-length cheongsamChoose a long length tang suit of similar material and design to that of your cheongsam, with details likeChinese button, stand collar. If you would like to mix western and eastern elements up, choosedouble-breasted coats or coats with bowknot or cowl collar. Last autumn / winter, manufacturerslaunched series of straight knee length coats with 3/4 , 1/2 sleeves, or with no sleeves at all.Double-waisted military coat and cowl collar coats are quite fashionable this season, and is an idealmatch to go with cheongsam.Tips: Bright colored coats would be a eye-catcher, match it with plain colored cheongsams with shadowfloral to balance the saturation.Source:

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