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Custom Made Cheongsam In Shanghai, China Travel Story, China Travelogue

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Cheongsam is a kind of traditional Chinese dresses, showing the beauty of oriental female. Nowadays, cheongsam is becoming more and more fashionable in the world. Many tourists traveling China would like to custom made a cheongsam either for themselves or for their friends as gifts. In Shanghai, there are several dress shops where customers can get tailor-made cheongsams.

Generally speaking, for very traditional-style cheongsams, Changle Road, which is between Shaanxi North Road and Maoming South Road, is the ideal place. It is ranked as “a street of cheongsams”, and the cheongsams, which are made by experienced tailors of Old Shanghai, boast good workmanship. However, they cost a little bit expensive.

For those fashionable and fancy cheongsams, Maoming Road, which is between Huaihai Road and Nanchang Road, serves fashionable cheongsams especially for young girls. Through they are also very expensive, the workmanship worth it.

For those relatively cheap cheongsams, you can go to cloth market, such as Shanghai Shiliupu cloth market. It’s located on the second floor, No. 168, Dongmen Road. You can choose the cloth you like and it doesn’t cost a lot. Generally, it costs about 300 yuan and takes about 2 days for making one cheongsam. When finishing making, you can ask the shop owner to deliver the cheongsam to your hotel.


Recommended Cheongsam shops

Jinzhiyule Cheongsam Shop (金枝玉叶旗袍店)

Specialty: It makes both traditional and improved cheongsams. Its owner is a stylist, who tends to borrow ideas from international fashion designers and put fashionable elements into making cheongsams. Its patterns and sequins are all embroidered by hand.

Price: 988 Yuan to 4800 Yuan
Address: No. 72, Maoming South Road (茂名南路72号)

2002 on the Sea Cheongsam Shop (“2002海上”旗袍店)

Specialty: The stylist aims to create fashionable cheongsams and put trendy elements into the design. It’s more suitable for young girls.

Price: about 1000 Yuan
Address: No. 5,Tianzi Fang, Taikang Road (泰康路田子坊5号)

Guwangjinlai Cheongsam Shop (“古往今来”旗袍店)

Specialty: Its cheongsam are improved conforming to the times, such as the change of length and collar. The shell fabric develops from traditional real silk to Indian saris, tresses and various imported blend fabric.


Price: ranging from 400 Yuan to 900 Yuan
Address: Near Xiniinjiang Hotel, Changle Road (长乐路,近新锦江宾馆)

Ms Sun’s Cheongsam Shop (孙家小姐旗袍店)

Specialty: Tailor made
Tel: 62712286
Address: A3, No. 688, Nanjing West Road (南京西路688号A3)

Heping Cheongsam Shop (和平旗袍专卖)

Specialty: It’s a national clothing shop selling various kinds of cheongsams and offering customized service of cheongsams.

Tel: 64739043
Address: No. 161, Maoming South Road (茂名南路161号)


Huayi Cheongsam Shop (华艺旗袍店)

Specialty: It provides cheongsams for both women and children.
Tel: 63363448
Address: No. 52, North of Old Xiaochang Road, Nanshi District (南市区旧校场路北52号)

Xinni Cheongsam Shop (辛妮旗袍店)

Specialty: It’s famous and popular for its hand-drawing cheongsams. Besides selling cheongsams and offering customized cheongsams, it also accepts customers' materials for processing, with the price of 500 Yuan.

Price: ranging from 580 Yuan to 1,800 Yuan; hand-drawing cheongsams cost more than 1,800 Yuan
Tel: 54042155, 54041275
Address: No. 231-233, Changle Road (长乐路231-233号)

Hanyi Cheongsam Shop(瀚艺旗袍店)

Specialty: Besides traditional cheongsams, the shop boasts embroidered cheongsams which are made by those experienced stylists with the age of over 60 years. The cheongsams are embroidered delicately by hand.

Price: ranging from 800 Yuan to 1500 Yuan for traditional cheongsams; from 2800 Yuan to 10,000 Yuan for embroidered cheongsams

Tel: 54044727
Address: No. 217 and 221, Changle Road (长乐路217、221号)

Old Shanghai Cheongsam Shop(老上海旗袍店)

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