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Hollywood stars wear the cheongsam

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By Deborah Giam

Maggie Cheung certainly brought back a wave of interest to cheongsams when In the Mood for Love came out. But Hollywood has certainly noticed this traditional dress, and here we find the best cheongsam looks as worn by Hollywood celebrities!

Taylor Swift, 2012 Grammy Awards


This fashion forward songstress has been turning heads with her outfits at awards shows recently, and has certainly grown up since her early years! She’s a fan of the dramatic gowns and this lovely Zuhair Murad shows off her porcelain skin perfectly, while the detailing work is to die for. 

Jessica Chastain, 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards 2015


Since her Oscar-nominated performance in Zero Dark Thirty, the world has certainly taken note of Jessica Chastain. Her modern take on the cheongsam here makes for a unique but breath-taking choice.

Nicole Kidman, Cannes 2001 for Moulin Rouge


Nicole Kidman has been a big fan of the cheongsam and has worn several throughout her years in Hollywood. Her first oriental-inspired outfit made the world sit up and notice her as more than just Tom Cruise’s wife at the 1997 Oscars in a John Galliano outfit. Here she goes for a classic red number with lovely lace detailing for the Cannes preview of Moulin Rouge. 

Rita Ora, Met Gala 2015


The wild child songtress has been known for her interesting fashion choices but she gets pretty classy with this cheongsam-inspired outfit for the Met Gala 2015, following that year’s theme of China Through The Looking Glass.  

Cameron Diaz, The Mask Premiere, 1994


Through the years, she’s proven to be quite the fashionista with all her award outfits. But at the premiere of The Mask, Cameron chose a pale pink cheongsam for one of her red carpet debuts! And it looks like she hasn’t really aged a day since 1994.

Karolina Kurkova, Met Gala 2015


As one of the supermodels of the world, it’s not easy to pull off an outfit like this cheongsam reinterpretation. Equal parts whimsical fun and classical, only someone like Karolina would be able to pull off a look like that!

Kate Moss, Longchamp Store Opening, 2011


To add some cultural inspiration at a Longchamp Store Opening, Kate Moss took a page out of the cheongsam style book with this number back in 2011. 

Kylie Minogue, H&M Store opening Shanghai, 2007


Kylie Minogue has gone through all sorts of looks through her years as a pop diva, and for the H&M store opening in Shanghai in 2007, she plays the part perfectly with a classic white cheongsam and a chic bob.

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