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Too often, people don’t realize that there can be interactions between the medicines they’re taking and the foods and drinks they consume. One example is eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice when taking Cialis. Consuming anything with grapefruit can cause levels of Cialis in the blood to rise and trigger harmful side effects.

Other Medicines

Along with alcohol and Cialis combinations, it’s important to be aware of other medicines that shouldn’t be taken with Cialis. One such example of these are nitrates, or drugs that affect blood pressure. These can cause your blood pressure to drop to a dangerous level when you take them with Cialis. Alpha-blockers, which are usually taken for high blood pressure or prostate conditions, can also lead to dangerous drops in blood pressure when combined with Cialis. Antibiotics can also raise the levels of Cialis in your blood, and cause low pressure, vision problems, and a painful and persistent erection. These aren’t the only drugs that can interact with Cialis, so if your doctor is discussing this medication with you, you should disclose your full medical history and any other drugs, vitamins or supplements you’re taking. So what about alcohol and Cialis? Does alcohol affect Cialis?

Evening Chinese Cheongsam Coolred Women Tribal Floral Slim Dress Black What To Know About Alcohol and Cialis

Does alcohol affect Cialis? If you drink just one glass of wine, beer or standard alcoholic drink, there isn’t likely to be any effect related to the combination of alcohol and Cialis. However, if you drink more than that, there can be side effects of alcohol and Cialis. One of the primary side effects of an interaction between alcohol and Cialis is the development of something called orthostatic hypotension. This can cause rapid heart rate, headaches and dizziness. It can also contribute to falls or accidents, and in some cases have severe effects on the heart. The reason for this interaction between alcohol and Cialis is because both substances are vasodilators, which means they both open the blood vessels to lower blood pressure. The risk of this condition is highest with alcohol and Cialis as compared to other erectile dysfunction medications. It’s believed that the reason for this is that Cialis stays in the user’s system for longer than most other comparable medications. You may be wondering: What other ways does alcohol affect Cialis? If you drink excessively on Cialis and then stop drinking suddenly, you can experience the opposite effect of what’s described above, along with a rapid spike in blood pressure. There’s also the possibility that if you combine alcohol and Cialis, you’re not going to experience the effectiveness of the drug in its full force. Drinking can negatively impact sexual function, which could lower the effects of the Cialis. When it comes to the topic of alcohol and Cialis, while the general consensus among medical professionals is that you can drink a moderate amount before you run the risk of a drop in blood pressure, people have different definitions of what moderate is. This is just one more risk of combining alcohol and Cialis. A standard, single drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of liquor, and moderate drinking in the medical sense means that you have less than three drinks a day of these serving sizes. Many people drink substantially more than that without realizing it. The most serious side effects of alcohol and Cialis have been associated with having five drinks at a time while taking the medicine. While five drinks are only a few more than what’s defined as moderate drinking, it can raise the risk of experiencing orthostatic hypotension significantly. If you’re someone who drinks more than three drinks a day, or you feel like you have to drink every day, you should speak with your healthcare provider about your use of Cialis. You may also need to discuss a potential drinking problem because even outside of the context of combining alcohol and Cialis, excessive drinking can put you at risk for many health problems. A treatment center like The Recovery Village can help you if you’re struggling with alcohol addiction or dependence. To sum up, does alcohol affect Cialis? Yes, alcohol and Cialis can interact with one another in a way that produces adverse side effects. One of the primary side effects of combining alcohol and Cialis is orthostatic hypotension. You should speak with your doctor about your lifestyle and your drinking habits before taking Cialis, and also discuss the potential risks of the medication with them.

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