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11 Batik Shops In Singapore For Both Traditional And Modern Shirts, Dresses, Accessories

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Batik clothing stores in Singapore


Batik clothes cover

Image adapted from: YeoMama Batik, @akamotif, Vespertine

Batik prints are traditionally seen on cheongsams, sarongs and kebayas. But batik stores these days have taken to combining those prints with modern styles of clothing. At these ones in Singapore, you’ll find both traditional Peranakan outfits to modern day crop tops and rompers - all with those beautiful floral and geometric designs.

Some of these stores even have batik home accessories so you can take your love for batik beyond your wardrobe.


1. Utopia


rompers and dresses at Utopia

The Ryen D+B Romper ($118) and the Kaijun Tunic Dress ($128) are some highlights
Image credit: Utopia Apparels, Utopia Apparels

Those looking for bold-coloured batik can check out the contemporary designs from Utopia. Every item here is handmade and limited to one piece per size. Outfits range from denim jumpsuits to cheongsams in pastel hues.

apparels at Utopia

Yu Lin Harem Pants ($89) (left), Batik Braid Tank ($59) (middle), Mandell Eyelet Culottes ($89) (right) are some extra trendy options the shop has in store for customers
Image credit: Utopia Apparels, Utopia Apparels, Utopia Apparels

Those looking for a more delicate vibe can check out their Mandell Eyelet Culottes ($89), which features cotton lined with lace cut-outs at the seams. The store also offers designs for plus-sized individuals so everyone can have their batik fix.

birds of paradise shirt at Utopia

Birds Of Paradise shirt - ($108) for ladies, ($65) for men and ($55) for little ones
Image credit:  

Outfits for men and little ones are also available in various prints.

Address: 50 Bussorah Street, Singapore 199466
Opening hours: 10AM-7PM
Telephone: 6297 6681


2. Heartakarun


batiks at Heartakarun

The website’s prints are mostly found in bold colours with the Arrayyan Orang Border Skirt ($59) and the Imani (Red) Skirt ($29) being one of the site’s most striking designs
Image credit: Heartakarun, Heartakarun

Heartakarun plays on the words “harta karun”, which translates to treasure trove and based on how some their batiks are brought in from places like Cambodia, Japan and Indonesia, it’s clear how the store remains true to its name.

Bunga Kantan shrug at Heartakarun

Bunga Kantan Shrug
Image credit: @heartakarun

The store also promotes a social cause of empowering single mothers from a batik village in Malaysia. In fact, you can purchase some of their masterpieces in their Bunga Kantan Series, which showcases plain tops and outwear with batik detailing.

The Travel Collection at Heartakarun

Pieces under The Travel Collection can be worn in several ways. Skirts can be converted to outerwear and vice versa.
Image credit: Heartakarun, Heartakarun

Frequent travellers should also check out the Batik: The Travel Collection. It offers up apparel that can be worn in multiple ways so you can pack less without scrimping on variety. Their Instagram account features tutorial videos that show you how to transform a skirt to a scarf  First-timers get a 10% discount off their total bill when they subscribe to the brand’s mailing list.



3. Batique


batik batique

The Maya Ageng ($45) dress, Nandana Legi Girl Dress ($28) and Taruna Reja ($33) shirt are some of the store’s most popular pieces
Image credit: Batique, Batique, Batique

Batique is an online store that offers up batik at pocket-friendly prices. All items do not exceed $50, including 2-piece sets that are sold as a bundle.

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