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Zhuhai Supports Women's Organizations for Women and Children's Well

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Zhuhai Supports Women's Organizations for Women and Children's Well-Being

July 31, 2019


Editor: Wei Xuanyi

Jinwan District in Zhuhai City in South China's Guangdong Province has been nurturing women's organizations to enhance the well-being of local women and children in recent years.

With more than 3 million yuan (US $469,470) being utilized each year, the Women's Federation of Jinwan District endeavors to meet multiple needs of local women and children by reforming the women's federation and its work, integrating social resources as well as renovating the platform to further help, serve and cultivate local females.

Jinchahua Qiaojie Food Cooperative, one of Jinwan's women's organizations, gathered local women to make chaguo, a Hakka desert made of glutinous rice and stuffed with a savory or sweet filling. Liang Weiru, President of the Women's Federation of Jinwan District, said chaguo was an intangible cultural heritage of the city, and the food cooperative's chaguo was extremely popular. Under the guidance of the Women's Federation of Zhuhai City and the district's women's federation, the cooperative embarked on the process of being a social enterprise and the building of chaguo training bases, offering more than 200 jobs to local women.

Similar organizations have been established throughout the district with the help of the district's women's federation. These organizations not only offer services to improve the welfare of local women and children, but join other social sectors to make themselves more society-, service- and innovation-oriented.

Liang said, to better help local females and their families, the district's women's federation was consistently working on enlarging government procurement and the coverage of social services.

"Seeing the family members stepping out of the mediation room with peace and release is the best reward for our work," said Chen Yuanyu, Director of Yulanxiang Marriage and FamilyService Center which offers consulting and mediating services on marital and family affairs.

Huayu program, has organized more than 1,280 activities, including parent-child education, women's quality improvement and women's rights protection, and it helped an estimated 160,000 people. 

The district's women's federation has encouraged women's organizations to work on public-welfare activities as well. To answer the call, the organizations like Yujinxiang Cheongsam Charity and Lubinghua Nursery Center have initiated a wide range of public-welfare services and reached out to more than 31,290 and 50,000-plus residents respectively.

(Source: China Women's News/ Translated and edited by Women of China)

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