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Old t-shirts transform into yarn, skirts, bags and more

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. – Old t-shirts found new purpose Sunday at the Eugene Public Library’s “Maker Lab.”

Many t-shirts become rags at the end of their lives, but a Eugene Public Library workshop taught the public how to use them in other ways.

“I wanted to learn how to make a t-shirt bag out of all of my old t-shirts,” said Jeannie Olson-Shelby, a student in the workshop.

Instructors taught the class how to make useful items out of the old fabric.

“I think I was just looking through my old t-shirts and thinking about cutting them up and making something and then I thought 'Hey, that would make a great class,’” said Jessi Stinson, an instructor.

From cutting and stitching to embroidery, the instructors instilled useful skills on the students.

“It doesn't cost a lot for materials. The students bring their own t-shirts,” Stinson said.

Those materials turn into something more valuable.

“A really nice yoga skirt, something I would pay $50 or $60 for in the store and somebody made it out of a $2 thrift store t-shirt,” Stinson said.

Not all creations are made for a profit.

“The easiest things to do is make it into a ball of yarn, from there you can knit or crochet or macramé,” Stinson described.

She said the last time they offered the course, only three people attended.

But Sunday, that number quadrupled.

“Everyone should be walking away with something today; even if it’s just a ball of yarn,” Stinson said.

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