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No guys this thing we’re going to be showing you how to make these super in style circle skirts or skater skirts like go buy a bunch of different haters ekkada um yeah they’re actually really easy to make. So we’re really excited about. Because we personally wanted to make them, and we didn’t want to buy the American Apparel ones like I was this close to buying it.

And I was like no I can’t I know I can make that much easier say that every time. But it’s true it’s true um yeah so to make this skirt you’re gonna need some fabric and he used some brown craft paper to make a pattern, if you have the real kind of fabric making pattern paper then go for that. But we didn’t so, and we recommend that you make our pattern first before you go out and buy your fabric to save a better sense of how much fabric you’re going to need yeah so to make a pattern part first you’re going to take your biggest part of your body measurement like your thumb um the inside of the Skirball to fit over that obviously isn’t sweeping up yeah and then you’re also going to take the measurement from where you’d like it to sit to however long you’d like it to be so to make the actual paper pattern you’re going to take the large sheets of brown paper and lay them out into a kind of big square size and it’s not asked why you can fold in half to make the square so once you have your square you’re going to fold that on an angle again. So we’re kind of making a pizza shape after we have that all folded up we’re going to have to do some math unfortunately so you’re going to take your widest portion of your body aka your butt measurement and you’re going to – one just.


diy circle skater skirt 47

diy circle skater skirt 46

diy circle skater skirt 45

diy circle skater skirt 43

diy circle skater skirt 39

diy circle skater skirt 37

diy circle skater skirt 36

diy circle skater skirt 32

diy circle skater skirt 30

diy circle skater skirt 25

diy circle skater skirt 24

diy circle skater skirt 21

diy circle skater skirt 20

diy circle skater skirt 19

diy circle skater skirt 18

diy circle skater skirt 17

Because we’re going to have to take some off for the waistband don’t really worry about it take your measurement for us was 37 – one inch which equals 36 we’re going to divide that by six point two eight which is kind of like double pi helps us make our circle so the number we got was five point seven three we rounded it to five point seven five which was five in three quarters and you’re going to put your measuring tape on the bottom corner of your paper pattern and you’re going to just kind of sketch draw out five and three-quarter inches or whatever your number is all the way around. So you I get this circular line okay from here we’re going to do the same thing. But this is going to be for the length so measure out how long you want to skirt to be we chose around 60 inches totally up to you do that same thing with measuring tape go from the new line you just drew and go 16 inches down and make your dashed curved line and make sure that you add an extra inch. Because, if you want to add a hem you’re going to be that extra inch to fold under so once you have those two lines drawn you can go ahead and cut out around both curved lines and then, when you open up your paper patter you should have a giant circle which will turn into your circle skirt eventually and you can see from all the XS how much fabric you would have wasted, if you did this from the start.

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