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1810 Gown, page 158 The Cut of Woman's Clothes

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It took me longer than I expected because I couldn't make my mind up about trim, but my bonnet is now officially complete! Just in time too, next weekend I am going to be in a Regency Fashion show for a Jane Austen Reading program at the Sacramento Library. Now since my bonnet is finished I can make the few small tweaks on my dress I have been wanting to do with out worrying about time.

To see a lot of pictures (Including ones of me wearing the bonnet) please see my live journal post Here:

The first style of trim I attempted involved a large ribbon rosette and berries, after about and hour futzing around with it I decided I didn't really like it, and took it off the next morning. At some point (I think while I was sleeping if that is possible) it occurred to me that the discarded bias ties I had made would work as a decorative band. I ran with it, adding smaller bows made from Moire ribbon, paper flowers and stamens. I like it much better like this, it is much simpler, but still highly decorative and "soft" like the dress. The berries, although very cute, were a little distracting.

I think the Bias band will also help to distract from the hair pin, which I bought this one:
I am currently eagerly awaiting its arrival in the mail.

I really need to find a better method up putting up my hair, if I just put in in a lump it's a little obvious. Perhaps I should have made the bag a little bigger? Can anyone recommend a good website for hair tutorials? (One for people with long hair a major plus!) Thanks!



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