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shames girls for wearing short dress, asks men to rape them

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Well, this isn't anything surprising but just another instance of a woman slut-shaming other women for not being sanskari enough. A middle-aged Delhi woman reportedly abused young girls for wearing short dress in a restaurant. She went to an extent and even asked the men at the place to rape these girls. 

A 10-minute long video posted by Shivani Gupta on Facebook consisted of visuals of a middle-aged woman, probably in her 50s, harass women for wearing a short dress and allegedly invited several men to rape them. 

The women who were harassed followed the lady to a shopping centre and asked her to apologise for her disrespectful comments. Despite the woman recording the video threatening the lady that she will make her life hell and make the video go viral, she didn't bend the knee. 

Amidst the huge quarrel between the ladies, the shop salespersons stood clueless as both the parties asked them to call the police. Looking at the women demanding an apology from the aunty, another middle-aged woman stepped in to support the young girls. 

Sharing her piece of mind with the aunty, she said that she wouldn't mind if her daughter wears a revealing dress but the woman has no right to question them and demanded her to apologise. 

In the end, the aunty on camera said, "These girls wear a short dress to encourage all to see them. All ladies who wear short or naked dress should get raped." Clapping to her own statement, she went on to advice the women's parents to control them and also asked the ladies to spread the video all over India as people need to know her views. 

Watch the video here:

Narrating the incident on a Facebook post, Shivani Gupta wrote, "This middle-aged woman you’ll see in the video addressed seven men at the restaurant to rape us because she felt we deserved it for wearing short clothes and bashing her unsolicited opinion. For speaking up against her primitive mindset." 

The video on the social media platform has gathered over 600K views so far with more than 14K people sharing it. However, the same video posted on Instagram was taken down by the platform. Meanwhile, the women are determined to take on the lady and are still waiting for her to apologise. 





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A post shared by Shivani Gupta (@sunkissedshitzu) on Apr 30, 2019 at 10:12am PDT

This is not the first time that women are being preached to. When the news of Pollachi rape scandal broke out in March, a video of a man lecturing women that they 'deserve to get raped since they asked for it.' He said that women wearing revealing clothes were 'asking for it.'

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