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School board considers new dress code

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  Belmond-Klemme junior high and high school students will have a new dress code starting in August. The school dress/201612/133771.html">board gave tentative approval to proposed changes at its May 9 special meeting.   

  The proposed dress code gives the following reasons for changes:

  “The B-K Board of Education believes that the health and safety of the students and staff are of paramount concern, and any apparel that might jeopardize student or staff health and/or safety should be prohibited.

  “The board believes some apparel worn at school draws attention away from the school’s learning environment, directs it toward thoughts or expressions of violence, bigotry, hate, and abuse, and should be prohibited.

  “The board believes that a standardized dress code helps to prepare students for their futures through:

  • Focusing on instruction;

  • Keeping students personally safe by providing a high level of security;

  • Developing a sense of school pride;

  • Maintaining an appropriate level of health and hygiene.

  “Other items may be banned due to student safety or welfare.

  “Grooming and attire will be clean, sanitary, safe and odor free. Clothes should fit comfortably and not attract undue attention.”

  Some of the restrictions include: clothing that allows undergarments to be seen or are sheer above mid-thigh, tops with bare midriffs or are halters or backless, anything with gang-related symbols, profanity, alcohol, tobacco (or substitutes), sexual connotations or inflammatory or provocative issues; footwear with skates, high platforms or spiked heels, or not meant to be worn outdoors; no hats, bandanas, do rags or scarves; hoodies can only be worn with the hood down; no sunglasses or belts with protruding objects or excessive jewelry.

  Students can take a complaint about enforcement of the dress code to an appeals committee or ask the committee to review questionable clothing before it is worn. That committee will include a mix of students from different classes, three teachers and an administrator.

  Two of the women on the board wanted to specify heel height, rather than just ban spiked or stiletto heels. It was suggested that heels be no higher than three or four inches.

  Jonah Christianson, who is a student representative on the school board, praised the new guidelines. “It’s a great dress code that will make a lot of people happy,” he said. “I think it will help cover a lot of skin.”

  The board will vote next month on including the dress code in the high school handbook.

  In other business, the board:  read the entire story in the Belmond Independent.

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