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DOROTHY KNIGHT BURCHETT: Changing clothes an issue you can't skirt

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I never know what to wear.

It’s not just deciding what goes with what when I want to go out somewhere. It depends on the weather — both inside and outside.

For instance, in the winter time, we dress in layers. We have to dress in layers because if we go inside a restaurant or to a dance, it’s going to be warm. However, how warm will it be? Should we take off one layer or two? Some buildings are warmer than others.

The same thing happens in the summer time. We dress lightly because it’s warm outside. However, when we go inside, it is air conditioned. Sometimes it is cool and other times it is cold! It pays to keep a sweater with you when eating out in the summer.

This quandary is not limited to the weather or the temperature. It can be an hour-to-hour decision.

For instance, if I am working around the house, I put on my old, raggedy clothes and don’t care how dirty I get. But if I decide to make a quick trip to town, I can’t wear my old, raggedy clothes. So I have to freshen up a little and put on something respectable. At the end of the day, if Sweetheart and I are going to a dance, we want to put on clothes that are a little nicer, so we look our best for our friends.

Sometimes, I feel like a quick-change artist. Well, I’ll never be that. I saw a quick-change artist in the Country Opry in Pigeon Forge and I’ll never be close to that. That woman could change her outfit in a matter of seconds. She would step behind a curtain and come out on the other side wearing something completely different. Her partner could sprinkle her with confetti and she had changed again. It was almost miraculous.

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Although, years ago, when I was a teenager, my friends would come and pick me up for the youth group meeting. They never said they would be coming, but I would kind of expect them. So I laid out my clothes, and when one of them would come to the door, I would run upstairs and make a quick change. It would only take me a minute! I don’t need to do that any more.

A couple of years ago, when my husband and I were in Florida, we came upon a jacket in a souvenir shop. It was patchwork, of many colors. I touched it, just because I touch things when I’m walking through a store to see what they’re made of. Sweetheart asked me if I wanted it. I said not necessarily. He insisted that I try it on. Then he insisted that that I buy it. It didn’t really matter to me if I got it, but I did — just to please him. I have got lots of compliments on it. People call it my “Coat of Many Colors.”

Last Saturday, I had my coat of many colors on as I was getting ready to go out the door. Then I decided I needed to go to the bathroom, so I took it off so I could take care of business. The weather was pleasant, but cool. Then, as I was a couple of miles down the road, I discovered that I had not put my jacket back on. Since Sweetheart and I were in separate cars and meeting later, he offered me his coat. We are definitely not the same size, but the coat was warm, so I put it on.

Many years ago, I was listening to a missionary who had come to our church. She said she saw a little girl playing outside her hut in Haiti and she had not a stitch of clothing on. The missionary asked her mother if the little girl could come to Bible school. The mother agreed. But the next day, the little girl did not appear at Bible school. So the missionary went back to the mother the next day and asked why the little girl was not there, since the mother had agreed that it would be all right. The mother said, “But she has no clothes.”

I guess I don’t mind changing clothes after all.

(Dorothy Knight Burchett is a former newspaper columnist and the author of “Miles and Miracles,” available at Pokeberry Exchange in New Castle and on Amazon.)

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