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Restrictions on dress for public officials as part of security revamp

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Circular from Public Administration Ministry in keeping with Emergency regulations

Only saree or osari for women officers

Clothing denoting religious requirements will be allowed

Full face exposure for clear identification mandatory

By Chandani Kirinde

Women working in Government offices will be required to wear either the saree or osari to work, the Ministry of Public Administration and Disaster Management said in a directive issued on Thursday.

The ministry sent out the directive in a circular on ‘Ensuring security in the office premises of the Government’ to all secretaries to ministries and chief secretaries of provinces as well as heads of departments.

“When public officers arrive at their office premises during the office hours, male officers should be wearing trouser and shirt or national dress whilst female officers should be wearing saree or osari,” the circular said.

It added that officers who wear clothing in keeping with certain religious customs were also required to be attired in the same manner but could wear an additional clothing item to keep their religious identity but in a manner that their full face is exposed, thus ensuring their clear identification.

The female officers in the public service may, during the pregnancy, wear attire which is appropriate and convenient for them. Public officials who receive a uniform/uniform allowance are required to engage in their duties wearing the approved uniform. These include drivers, KKS, Grama Niladhari, etc.

All heads of institutions have been directed to make provisions to the effect that every individual wears an outfit which ensures his/her clear identification when entering premises of Government institutions including those coming to obtain services rendered by the Government.

The new dress code has been put in place due to the security situation existing in the country at present, Ministry of Public Administration and Disaster Management Secretary J.J. Rathnasir who issued the circular said.

The circular from the Public Administration Minister is in keeping with the orders stipulated in two gazette notifications issued on 29 April and 13 May under Emergency regulations which prohibit persons from wearing, in any public place, any garment, clothing or other material concealing the full face which will in any manner cause any hindrance to the identification of that person.

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