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Bra, skirt found near human remains in Los Bajos

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Police are conducting investigations after the human remains were found in Los Bajos on Monday.

The remains were found around 9:00 am Monday morning by security officers, in an oilfield belonging to the Heritage Petroleum Company.

The officers were patrolling an oilfield access road when they observed the bones a short distance from a pumping jack.

The men stopped and inquired further and observed a bra and a skirt nearby.

The police were notified and officers from the Homicide Bureau responded.

Due to the articles of clothing found nearby, the remains are suspected to be that of a woman.

However, police could not say what may have caused the death, nor how long the bones were there for.

As a result, members of the public are being asked to intervene.

Anyone with information on this incident is asked to contact any police station near them, or they can give the information anonymously through 555, 800-TIPS, or 482-GARY (4279).

More on this as it becomes available. 

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Bra, skirt found near human remains in Los Bajos

Bra, skirt found near human remains in Los Bajos

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