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Dress Code: White Tie

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White Tie Dress code is the most official of all. If you have received invitation to the event where dress code is stated as White Tie – I think you should be proud of yourself. Because you really did something right in your life, if you are honored to be one of the crème de la crème.

Here is the list of some White Tie events – Charity Balls, Royal Events, Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, State Dinners, Debutante Balls, Academy Awards Ceremony, although now dress requirements are less formal for the Oscars.

So, as you can see White Tie events are meant to the ivy league and that is why you need be very careful about what you wear and how you wear it.

Let’s start with women. There are some major rules you need to remember while considering your outfit for the White Tie event.

White Tie Dress Code Rules For Women

Gown = Ankle length or to the floor
Shoes = To match your gown
Jewelry = Vintage or Couture. All your fancy and expensive diamonds are the perfect choice!
Bag = Clutch
Shoes = That Match your gown
Watch = No. The only watch you can wear is one which is hidden in the  bracelet and that is why looks like jewelry.
Gloves = White or coordinated to gown. Opera length.

This is the perfect example of the complete outfit for the White Tie event for a woman:

white tie dress code with gloves women

Here is the more common look for a woman during White Tie event, without gloves:

white tie dress code sandra bullock

White Tie Dress Code Rules For Men

For men there are two key words when dressing up for White Tie event, one is white:
Vest = White
Shirt = White piqué wing-collared with stiff front
Bow Tie = White
Gloves = White or gray
Studs = White
Cufflinks = White

And the other key word is black:
Tailcoat, matching trousers with a single stripe of satin or braid in the US; two stripes in Europe or the UK
Patent shoes
Dress socks

white tie tail coat man

Here are the most brilliant examples of how a couple should look during White Tie event:

elizabeth hurley and arun nayar white tie and tiara

white tie dress code will and jada smith

One of the most popular White Tie event among celebrities is Elton John’s annual “White Tie and Tiara Ball”, which is spectacular evening, raising money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

white tie and tiara ball elton john

The most important thing to remember when you will be attending such kind of events is that only a few people in this world will ever be honored to be invited. So, you definitely have something to be proud of and all rights to enjoy the event.

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