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Fashion Style Quiz

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Fashion Style Quiz

Fashion Style Quiz "Quick Test to Identify Your Clothing Personality"

Fashion style quiz

A fashion style quiz will give you an idea of what fashion style suits you, and may be an indicator of your dominant core, true clothing personality (or "fashion persona").

Fashion Style Quiz

So how does the wrong and right clothes affect the way you look?

When you stray away from your natural clothing personality you may feel uncomfortable even if the clothes look good aesthetically. People may comment on how your clothes look great but it doesn't necessarily mean that the garments look good on you. This discomfort often shows and will lead to an unflattering fashion victim'y or "lost" fashionista look.

But when you stay with your true clothing personality you'll naturally feel good. You're letting yourself shine. You're not hiding behind a mask and it feels freeing. Being comfortable in your own 'skin' raises your confidence and people around you will notice that! When you're wearing clothes that are true to your fashion persona, it'll indicate to people that you're confident and that you like yourself. And people will like you too :-)

Inner beauty may be more important, but exterior beauty has immediate impact.
– Daniel Goh, editor of Style Magazine
Get to know yourself

Unless you're going for a carefree, eclectic look - I suggest that you take some time to get to know your fashion persona(-s). Why? Because it helps you become more aware of where you are in your style journey and reflect on how you want to dress and if your current personal style truly reflects who you are.

To steer you in the right direction, I've created a 8-question fashion style quiz that will uncover your dominant fashion persona. This quiz looks at your current style and shopping habits. Because in most cases, you are what you wear (and think!)

If you're not in a hurry, let me explain how a Style Quiz works...

What Are The Different Clothing Styles? I use 6 general clothing personalities because they cover and identify the basic needs, styles, lifestyles and personalities in fashion in our modern society. Yes the fashion industry is evolving and recycling, jumping hoops and going here and there. But these fashion personas will always remain regardless of what the runways are predicting about the current fashion trends.

I know that 6 fashion personas seem very limited (and it is) but my goal isn't to put a label on your style - but to lead you in the direction of becoming aware of where you stand with your personal fashion & image goals :-) You don't have to squeeze yourself in one little box and confine to my suggestions for that specific category. That's not the point with this quiz. So if you find yourself with different results after taking the test, say "what the heck" and mix them together!

Your style reveals your personality and lifestyle

A fun thing about these "style archetypes" is that each personality comes with a set of typical personality traits and lifestyle preferences. In general, these characteristics that make you you are being reflected in your choices of clothes.

For example, the majority of "Classic" women appear polished. While "Romantic" gals have this sweet and demure character. But this is not always the case though, because we all have complex personas :-) However, there's a huge chance that the person has a mix of that certain style-related character in their personal style.

Fashion Style Quiz

The fashion style quiz focuses on your dominant clothing personality. I recently had to remove some categories and update the quiz (July 2012), because the overlapping groups confused a lot of you. So I went as general in categorizing but specific in explanation on how to make use of the fashion tips for the various archetypes.

The 6 Main Style Archetypes/Fashion Personas:

Fashion Style Quiz


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