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By Dumisa Dlamini | 2019-08-10

It would be boring for any woman to be married to a budget-strict husband who counts everything in the house from the grains of rice to the finest particles of sugar whereupon he would ask his wife to account.

These are the types of men,  labafulatselako when they give their wives money, ayibale njengetinhlavu temantongomane from his “Talk to Me”, small front pocket of his pants. All women hate men like that even if he is the most faithful husband with anything and everything, the joystick inclusive. She would expect a husband to make an economical detour from the norm, anatse yonkhe nje imali yerent, come home apologise to her and ask her to explain and further apologise to the Landlord that babe imali yenyanga imudlakalele, not his intention tough waGoje.

He promised he would pay next month. That convinces the woman that her husband can break all protocols for her in the event she needs money herself. Say, she saw a gorgeous dress at shop window for E4 500 and she wants it. The man would take school fees, buy her the dress and later apologise to the school principal for delayed fees. That is acceptable with every woman. But now Societal Scales is talking about a prodigal husband who squanders everything way out the benefits of his family.

Extravagance and irresponsible life styles in marriage can map themselves even at youthful stage. This young man Nduduzo drinks all his earnings and disappears on weekends abuye Monday morning asasho bo”I am sorry baby.” By that morning he has absolutely nothing in his pockets and bank account. His household and freshly entered into marriage will survive solely from the salary of is young wife who may be naively forgiving because she thinks it was a once-off behaviour. She will learn month after month that she has a prodigal fool for a husband. He is cool all month long and stuck in the house even on weekends until he gets paid, bese uyagewuka. Some marriages have failed to survive a husband’s prodigal habits and have suffocated to death in second, third and longest five years. Here is a young teacher at Kuzofundwa High School.

He lived his teaching life from one colleague teacher’s door to the other begging for two spoons of sugar, a cup of a mealie meal. Come pay day, he would hitchhike to town, withdraw all his pay and paint the town red. His neighbours would be awoken up by noise notwithstanding the day of the week for he would have brought girls from town and his friends and it would be a party on Wednesday night until morning. He was married. His wife LaSacolo would visit him month-end with all the groceries that would sustain one for the month and thought he would change, he never did.

Or the guy is a natural spender and prodigal soul that will die without remedy. At middle age he has nothing of value and has made his wife a literal beggar in the neighbourhood and society at large. This is the guy who would put on his neck tie and walk out of the house to the office ashiye bantfwana in the house bacoshiwe esikolweni. His wife would have to go to the principal and plead for his leniency but come short of assuring him when the fess would be due.

Natural prodigals abanamahloni because they owe the world and all the souls breathing in it. Once this guy gets remunerated, he suffers amnesia of what he owes and who he is indebted to. Societal Scales wonders what keeps a woman glued and remain married to a character like that. Abahahambi labomake labo, abacansuki not these modern women who can pack their bags just because you forgot her birthday or uve kutsi uganiwe, hhayi kutsi uganwe mbamba phela. She will stick around with or for the children as they normally purport. This guy is also very much respected by his wife and she will not ignore his command. He may leave his thick wallet over the table, acelwe imali atsi ute and the wife would accept that.

The next morning, the very wallet will be spotted, now, with its contents previously showing yesterday seriously depleted. Such women may not even be employed but ensure there is food on the table for the children and also the extravagant husband.

Mfonkhile Ndzimandze, a vet officer, would pass by the butchery often times and buy himself the smallest piece of meat his pocket would afford. He would strictly order his wife to prepare him the meat which he ate alone esuke alale, ahone kakhulu whilst his family was starving.


Make Masilela, a civil servant came back home from work to a rented house which previously had been likhaya lakakhe. Her prodigal husband Albert a known alcoholic and womaniser had sold it to an old family friend under very confidential circumstances. They had agreed that he and his family would keep residence in the house which was going to be secured by rentals he was going to remit monthly unto the buyer’s account. The secret was kept in the duration Msekelave still had the money, albeit the fact that it was disappearing soon. When it eventually ran out, he was exposed because his friend came knocking at their door one Sunday morning and spilt all the beans. His wife, who had means herself arranged with the children, then grown up and the bank and bought the house back.

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